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IDEAs: what we'd like to achieve

A team of dedicated Postville citizens has helped to shape the content and direction of this plan. The work is guided by a vision statement:

Postville is a place where the American Dream can be achieved, with opportunities for business, education, and recreation, and with cultural and social diversity that contribute to a high quality of life.

Three broad goals seek to support this vision statement. These goals emphasize different things, and there are projects and ideas that could support each of these goals. Ideas and concepts in the plan will support at least one of these larger goals. 

Postville is a 

Great Place for Business

Postville will build on its strength as a regional employment hub. Redevelopment will focus on ways to attract new employers, support current large businesses, and create a dynamic business community where enterprises can scale up.

Postville is a 

Great Place to Visit

Postville will tell its own story and sell itself to visitors and potential new residents. This goal will build on the strengths, history, and capacity of our town to ensure that we build strong regional niche that attracts visitors, residents, and businesses.

Postville is a 

Great Place to Live

Postville is a place that people choose to live because of our quality of life and access to opportunity. Improvements to recreation, investments in transportation infrastructure, and additional businesses are important parts of this strategy.

These are good goals! What things can we do to achieve them?

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