Test your home for lead.

It's important to check your home for these common hazards.

Tests are available now at Northeast Iowa RC&D.


Stop by 101 E. Greene St. in Postville from 9-4 on Monday-Friday to pick up your test kits, or call 563-864-7112 to arrange to have kits dropped off at another location.


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Why should I worry about lead?

Lead is linked to numerous health issues in children and adults. Exposure to lead paint can cause developmental disabilities and other health problems. Children under the age of six are the most vulnerable to lead poisoning.

Postville has a high percentage of homes built before 1960, when lead-based paint was commonly used. This means that there is a higher risk of lead poisoning for Postville residents than in other communities. Test your home and find out how to remediate this hazard. 


How to use a lead test kit

Make sure to dispose of your lead check swabs when you are done. They aren't re-useable!

These tests are available now


Stop by 101 E. Greene St. in Postville to pick up your test kits. For more information or to arrange to have kits dropped off at another Postville location, call 864-7112. 

Northeast Iowa RC&D

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